Hello, friends. How goes it?
My name is Philip Craig.  I am writing this blog on several interests that I have. One of them is cooking and one of them is playing guitar and one is riding a scooter.
Yes, I know that riding a scooter probably seems unusual for a man of my age. I am, after all, 45. But who cares? I love to ride my scooter.
I’m not talking about a motorized scooter, like a Vespa. Heavens, no. I’m talking about the old kind of scooter that is basically a skateboard with a handle and only two wheels instead of four.
This blog is going to be about cooking and riding my scooter and playing the guitar. I’m going to probably go back and forth between these topics randomly so that’s why the name of this blog it is PCyo-yo. Yo-yo for going back-and-forth randomly with no rhyme or reason. And PC for my name, Philip Craig.
I’m always seeing fabulous things to cook and eat on Facebook . Yes, it’s true, I do spend quite a bit of time on Facebook. I’m not quite a Facebook junkie but I do spend probably more time on it than I should.
Anyway I see a lot of great ideas for cooking on Facebook. I usually save these ideas and come back to them later. So this blog will probably have some recipes on it.
I said that I am learning guitar. I just started taking lessons about two months ago. I’m enjoying it very much although I will have to say I’m probably playing more music that’s not for my lesson. I just like to play songs that I like and I find that I’m sort of teaching myself. In fact I wondered if maybe I should quit the lessons. But I’m not going to decide that now.
The scootering is something I have done all my life. And it has always been a rather lonely sport because, let’s face it, not many adult men would be caught dead riding a scooter.
I even go to skate parks with my scooter, and if you think I stand out on the street with my scooter, you should see me at the skate park. I really stand out there!
This is because everyone there is about five times younger than I am. They look at me and I can see the doubt and question in their eyes when they see this old geezer coming on to the skate park with his scooter.
But after I do some tricks, then they are looking at me with respect and admiration. It’s pretty fun. I just have to be able to tolerate the first few minutes when I know they think that some psycho Old fart has come to the skate park .
So welcome to my blog. I’m gonna be talking about these three things. Feel free to comment. I don’t care if you do or not because this blog is really just for me and just for fun.